The Love Dare – (Fireproof) Movie Review

My lovely wife and I went to see Fireproof – the new movie with Kirk Cameron, we liked it.

It was definitely one that addressed our society today. It really is a good movie. It has humor and action, and the message of the changing power of Jesus Christ, and eternal salvation. It was funny, with sad parts as well as silly things.

I was thinking about the Love Dare as I worked on computers. I think everyone needs to be challenged to get farther than where they are, in their faith, in their relationships. In their witness, in each aspect of our lives. We must not settle, or give up.

We must press forward with the heart attitude of love and kindness and a forgiving spirit.

Forgiveness is stronger than death. Jesus proved that, but even stronger is showing Godly love to others. I challenge you. Be kind one to another.

Reach out in love, and never give up.

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