The Poetry of David Noel Montgomery AKA Dreamerkid

Most of these poems are from 2016 and back. They are expression of my hope, my healing, and my heart breaks. – ( Page is being edited as of 1.21.2017 )


These withered hands,
sorting tinged and faded photos
forgotten in boxes
and cotton,

the lifetimes we have lived
as we tried to figure out this life,
you became a great man’s wife,
a mother to children who will
change the world,

and our thoughts are like
canvases spilled over with colors
like dreams from the times we used to know,
over years,
and fears,
and silent sweeping tears,

at times I keep my distance,
from anyone who had once made me safe,
opened the curtains and drew back the drapes,
when I discovered: we all have knives for hands,
and razors for tongues,
and wonder if these boxes of faded photos forgotten,
wrapped in papers and cotton,
will be the sum total of our lives,
or will there be more?

Sometimes you’re a charming enigma to me,
you’re hard and strong,
but gentle and sweet,
sometimes you’re sharp,
other times a healing balm,
a lulling calm,
but ordinary you’ve never been,
always my trusted friend,

I hope God smiles on your life,
I hope He blesses your children’s children’s
paths, gives them wisdom and joy that lasts,

and even if I am withdrawn,
it’s not because I do not love,
or have gone,
it is because my heart,
has become faded like photos
folded and forgotten,
lost in aged attics beneath dusty cotton,
and my soul,
withered like the hands of our grandfathers,
as I drift forward,
trying to find my way.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll understand,
perhaps today?

DM (C) 2016
Cold winds may howl,
and dark days may unfurl their
angry voices over us,
but we will not grow lost,
nor be covered in frost,
nor forgotten in the dark
for we hold the gem that glimmers,
and smolders even in snow,
for we hold the heart of love,
each the others,
and these secrets only
we two may know,
only we two,

Warm breezes will sing,
and bright haze will fill our
laughing souls,
so we will drink in the sight,
and dance in summer night,
We’ll be married with a love that simmers,
for we hold the kiss of love,
each the others,
and these secrets only
we two may share,
only we two
constant with love,
lifelong lovers,
sharing this intimacy,
only we two,
me and you,
for eternity.
(C) 2016 DM

The sea calls me,
and nothing can stop
the unfurling of sails,

I am a sea-boat captain,
exploring the dark waters,
scouting for whales,

new country to see,
new shores to step upon,
a daunting shipwreck
will not keep me down,
I did not give up,
yet nearly drown.

Don’t hold the past so tightly,
it will always let you down,
don’t tread the water without direction,
sink in,
prepare for the long hall,
and set sights for salvation’s shore,
life does not end with tragedy,
trust me darling there is more!
There is more!

The sea calls me,
and nothing can stop
the break of new day,

I am a sea-boat captain,
shouting to the heavens,
Anchors aweigh!
Anchor aweigh!

Freedom is calling,
calling: “Anchors aweigh!”

(c) DM 2016 // I realized a few days ago that I was finally over my ex. And it felt good to be free. This term Anchors aweigh, is often misunderstood for Anchors away. It means to set out for sea, not drop an anchor. Sometimes we get stuck on the things that anchored us in life, and when they cause more harm than good, its critical we choose to press on instead of sink.


Shelter me like a mother hen shelters her young,
hide me in an embrace,
one not tangled with strangling strings that cut or twist the knife,
but offer an embrace that brings healing and hope.
Cut the noose,
untie the rope.

Shade me like oaks that have grown strong through
seasons endured, through fires long since come and gone,
be like moonlight to guide me safely to harbor.
Be faithful, be kind, be true.

I will bow my back,
and spend my strength to love you,
until we inherit silver,
and our eyes lose sight of seeing clearly,
your heart will always be clear,
and mine clearly for you.

Where are you darling lover?
I hate that others have distracted
and kept you from me,
I hate that I have been lied to by so many
who promised diamonds,
only to give ashes,
and lashes,
and sorrow.

I love you one I do not know,
and some day I will show you so.
I love you from Sunrise to Sunrise.

Don’t make me wait love, I ache for you.
I need you near,
be faithful, be kind, be true.
Be here darling, be here.
(c) DM 2016

Jul 12

I admit I’ve stolen,
Dashed to ashes candied crushes,
Failing and dappled in folly,
And splendor,
Lies and licorice silk,
Slipped the silent shroud of sweet
Songs, sang from another liars lips.
I admit the shame of dried apricots and figs, to dirges that dig my very grave.
Dig swift sad hands for in the morning,
We wake like lost lanterns that forgot the light still shines,
yet secretly carry the warmth in our bellies.
Buried and broken.
To meet only furnaces dappled in fury,
And foreboding,
Lavished in firey fumes, forever.


Jul 4

I wonder if you’re lonely,
Somewhere out beneath the vibrant colors,
The oohs and the awes,
Always make my heart ache,
I wonder if you feel it like I do,
Or if you hold another’s hand,
Long washed passed,
Like oceans and sand,
These days I’ve nearly given up it seems,
On romance and dreams.
The distance between us,
Like the echoes of sound after the crackle and boom,
I remember when you were lonely,
A girl trapped in her world,
Trapped in her room.
I wish darling flower,
That I could be the heart
That makes you ooh and awe,
I wish perhaps one more moment,
that for a moment you saw,
how special you are to me,
That I could make you bloom.
Tonight I ache.
#love #broken #fireworks



Ache wakes you,
Crumbles blue,

Sleep is elusive,
Heart break takes you,
Like a lover indefinite,
Incubated in secrets,
Cold formality,
Biology and chemical reality,
A function of command.
A dark Rorschach crushed heart and a broken hand,
Ache awakes you,
We’ve broken through.



Funny how the soft touch of your hand,
Is home to me,
laughable the way you’re
drawn to me.
And your heart
Is the best way to get the data,
From my crashing mainframe,
To back me up,
Without condemnation,
You’re familiar without failure,
And yet we fail each other daily,
But hope,
Makes your embrace- HOME.
#sad #hope #nerdy

Thirst is strange and tragic death,
Waiting for it to fall,
The delicate spring bloom,
In your kiss,
As petals undo their
In puddles.
Only to be washed helpless-
Spun and pulled under,
In a smile,
That does not know
The reason,
Is so the peaches and honeysuckle may sing,
And rivers may return to rain.
Just as kings pass the mantle
To their offspring,
I pass my heart,
To your pomegranate and pearl
Be gentle for it is the last of its kind.
Treasure it darling,
For so many others to its value,
Have been cold, cruel and blind.

#love #hope #romance #loving #petals


Jun 6

eyes upward,
catching stars,
lifting crickets out of the silence,
sweet summer breeze,
touches my shoulders and cheek,
it’s late,
where have you been my sweet escape?
How long have you hidden from
this longing heart?
a silent celebration,
confetti and ticker tape,
fingers entwined,
passing cars,
rumble in the distance,
like sighing giants,
they see our hearts falling in love,
and smile at the magic,
the magic that is yours and mine,
the moments our hearts,
like planets,

#hope #sweet #affection #tender #loving


Jun 2

Is it with regret and shame?
You speak my name?
Or have you forgotten the promises,
You made in my arms?

Staring at a blank text,
Wishing my heart would stop aching so I could find words to express
This ocean.

So dive into this headlong,
Lord knows the hearts already been broken.

What have I to lose?



These three years are a bleached,
bitterly blue-gray frozen, tundra-
full of shallow graves,
where I have buried my companions,
and thin ice,
traveled with careful steps,
cherished occasional fires,
to warm the permafrost around my heart,
I follow ghosts made of frost,
who seldom speak,
but never fail to remind me that I am lost.
#dreams #hopeless #failed #sickofthis #discouraged



I hate that we ever met.
That I love you silently still.
I hate that your voice still haunts
My afternoons and my silence.
Anime & DS games remind me of you.
Intimate kisses as affection grew.
Watching sailor moon and skyping for weeks at a time.
Until the weekend when I drove all night- to hold you.
I hate that you were mine.
I’d never felt so completely loved and loved so deeply,
and I hate that I know your kiss.
I hate that we shared moments of bliss.
I hate this. I wish I could pay to forget your eyes,
The curve of your smile and the feel of my hand on your thighs
as we danced barefoot and walked along the ocean shore.
I hate that you abandoned me when I needed you most.
I hate that you haunt me like a ghost.
I hate that I need you still.
And I hate most of all that perhaps-
I always will.
#love #alone #lost #heartbroken #letgo



She was sunlight,
before I became a forest of trees,
I was a blade of grass,
she dared to love me,
but found it too great a task,
left for greener pastures,
leaving a wake of fire and ash,
and still on sad days I look for warmth
in the footsteps,
of her path.

Yet I still remember those intimate moments, the quiet way she would look at me and crinkle her nose. Freckles and blond hair, summer sand. Summer sand indeed. She’s like that you know what I mean. You grasp a handful and watch it slip away even through closed fists. #sentimental


doe eyes,
hands folded,
smile, slow so sweet,
and reaching,
needing and aching,
but held still,
over folded flowers,
and then when
we part,
and silence
devours me,
in the quiet,
I am undone.
*sigh* How do you express so much?


Jul 23, 2015
Intro: C G C F
When he looks at you,
he can’t see what I see,
and when he looks at you,
he looks right through,
and he doesn’t see the flower,
cannot see your bloom,
F Am Em
cannot see the treasure that is you.
I’ve seen you hold you hold your father’s glasses,
I’ve seen you swim the rivers wide,
I’ve seen you run through fields so broken… to reach the other side and…
F c F C
You can run on tired for infinity, or you can stay here next to me.
F C G7 G
You can chase until the sun goes down, but I would never leave.

When I look your way,
I can’t know how to say,
when I look at you,
it’s all I can do,
to keep myself from singing,
to sing of your sweet face,
F Am Em
dappled in white satin and lace.
Alt Chorus /Ending
F C G7 G
You can chase until the sun goes down, but I would never leave.
F C Am G7 G
You can chase until the sun goes down, but I would never leave.
I’ve seen you hold your fathers ashes,
I’ve seen you swim rivers wide,
I’ve seen you run through fields so broken to my arms on the other side.
Here you’ll find your rest now. Sleep sweet darling sleep,
F C G G7
I’ll hold you until morning and your secrets I will keep…
I’ll hold you until morning and your secrets I will keep…
This song can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/dreamerkid/the-treasure-by-david-montgomery
#love #hope #romance #music #empathy #devotion #faithful


Today I feel so small. – Minuscule
As if a puff of smoke,
a dandy-lion seed,
that will never roar.

The last week has been,
crumbling not good,
not like cakes or sweet tastes,
but internally breaking,
and waste.

I feel so small in my faith,
and my life. I feel like Joseph,
in the dungeon of the king,
waiting for some news to unfold,
for a dream,
to be, a key,
for someone to unearth it-
to unlocking my purpose.
For someone to whisper,
“You’re worth it.”
-D. Montgomery 2015
I am still trying to understand it. #sadness #hoping #discouraged #youareworthit #feelingsmall


May 25, 2015
You are embers,
in the furnace of my heart,
chasing dragonflies,
the crinkle and clatter of
transparent wings
paper songs,
a million seconds,
have passed,
since we have laughed,
maybe it’s time to move,
pass on the deed,
driven by need
to breathe
new air,
and experience life
#adventure #new #embers


May 21, 2015

Given time,
Little seed you will
Sprout through,
Chocolate cake,
Awake to shiver,
Green- Unwind in wind,
Spindle your plume and petals,
And swell with light,
Your green heartbeat,
Unheard by others,
But matching mine,
Every note a symphony,
Every note a chime,
Perfect time,
How my affections you keep,
Sweet one,
You bloom tomorrow,
but tonight you sleep.

© Dm 2015
Today was weird. Felt frustrated and sad. This poem is about birthing new love and dreams. #dream #growth #adoration #sprout

Jealous hands.

I watch behind you
in the crowd,
as she reaches over,
to so gently scratch your back,
and sooth you as you lean there,
forward in your chair.

My emptiness is apparent.
And I am jealous of her hands,
and wish that I could feel those things.
I wish my words were fire,
and my aching heart,
exchanged for brilliant wings,
jealous hands, jealous face-
feathers and sinew,
jealous things-
so I could leave this place.

(c) Dm 2015

May 11, 2015

There is a sweetness much more
than that of honey,
in the caress of your arms,
there is value,
so much more,
than money,
in the kiss of your lips,
upon my cheek,
when you wake me
for coffee,
and afternoon singing.

We both know the secret.

That this place without you – is just a place.
But knowing you are near.
Is enough to keep me here,
darling won’t
you tread the stars with me?

Darling won’t you thread the
stars for me on your loom,
and wake me with your gentle kiss,
darling how you bloom for me!

I could never leave this place,
as I open my eyes and see your face,
when you wake me
for coffee,
and afternoon singing.
(c) Dm 2015
#love #daydream #coffeepoem


May 7, 2015
The crisp of sulfur,
the crackle of lights,
reflecting on faces,
and sighs.

The aloneness of empty,
card houses, stacked,
against the blur of
spilled watercolors,
and tears.

With me here for
seconds, to remember it
no more, as we pour the gasoline,
and quietly latch the door,
the crisp of sulfur,
the crackle of lights,
reflecting on faces,
and sighs.
Goodbye, goodbyes.

(c) DM 2015 This poem is a contrast of childhood memories. The middle portion represents my life, the card houses and spilled water color are word pictures of my relationships and heart break. I used the same childhood memory in the last part to reflect and contrast the smell of fireworks to the feeling of burning down what once was so that you can move on. And I used we because I believe someday I will find someone who will go with me through anything. But I have not found her yet.
#go #life #hope #over #letting #starting


May 6, 2015

Abs_nce (e)

missing letters like missing
like missing faces,
we don’t talk the way we used to,
and I am momentarily saddened by old songs,
and a dying keyboard,
as I retype the word,
like a fish gasping for air,
but still no water rushes in,
no swift tide,
to carry my heart

-dm (c) 2014


May 6, 2015

I have seen,
angels give their wings
to the mud,
of loss,
of ache,

and I have seen
stars give their light,
to the darkness…

I have heard laments,
and love songs,
sang from broken hearts,

watched swans wings broken,
at the hand of careless boys
who thought it sport,
to make game of her

I have loved broken
held them carefully,
as they stretched broken wings,
and waited till they would
fly away,
and wondered if they ever
thought of me,
in the silence of those great
starry flights…
Did they remember
as the wind lifted them higher,

wondering if they could
remember the warmth
of the once shared fire,
as I prayed for them,
feeling lost and alone
those quiet summer nights.

(c) 2015 DM
#broken #beautiful #memory #hearts #things


May 6, 2015

when october
dulls your name,
and your heart becomes
we will be christmas and
new years,
your name will be
on my lips,
like still frames,
of the time we
fell in love
sweet summer time,
and we will sink,
into the next year,
like stones sink,
in water,
and when depression,
tries to steal your
we will rise
light up the blackness
of night,
lift up your eyes
so bright,
your name will be on my heart,
like still frames of the
time we got lost
in the storm of life,
but found a way to be

we got home
but laughing,
and we
our love
by firelight.

you and i,
we will be

i promise.
pinky swear,
i will always be there.
i promise.

we will be

(c) DM 2015 #hope


May 6, 2015
these faded feathers,
smoldered by fire,
we flew too close
to heaven,
now strangled in wire,
dreams collecting
dust in static towers,
of harbor lights,
a voice haunts me,
“this city is beautiful at night.”
charcoal black,
a thousand colored diamonds,
do you remember?
how you made me stay awake,
before I had to leave,
whispering anything was possible,
you made me believe,
then went away for forever,
and you were gone,
sometimes you still visit me,
somewhere before the dawn,
smiling with your darling flower hat,
and I smile as you wave back,
your smile and slender arms reaching out,
your summer skirt dancing in the wind,
like a silk curtain of black,
but that is when then the crows arrive,
and they begin to tear at my heart,
as the river of hope,
turns to blood,
and decay,
a horrid dream,
on the hardest days,
they find me,
the crows sweep me away…

I wish I could wake you,
and then I would say:

wake up sweet baby,
wake up sweet baby,
it’s just a bad dream…

And you would kiss my brow,
and I would fall asleep next to you,
instead of
falling downward,
spiraling away in invisible flames,
and remembering when
we played connect the dots,
with fireworks and stars,
and silly lovers games,
before the light,
left your eyes,
and all constellations,
fell from skies,
and all that remained,
was the sound of sighing rain,
an empty bed,
the tangible feeling of your disdain,

wake up sweet baby,
wake up sweet baby,
it’s all a bad dream.

DM 2015 (c)


May 6, 2015

After a day.

after a day of being around friends
and family,
the night seems too quiet-
sometimes all I want,
is a warm hand to hold,
a soft kiss on the cheek
to chase away the cold,
but I have hope,
for better days,
summer’s rays,
upon my face,
to find my place.
To finish with worthiness,
the race.

dm 2014



The canvas
of hearts,
and candle light,
until weariness,
dirges of
in silent parks,
and empty cars,
and forgotten streets,
and tears,
streaming down
your cheeks
while you drive
home, broken,
and alone.

-but we fly
as high as
these paper wings
will carry us,
until they burn,
and we learn,
a new way to fall.

DM (c) 2015



Sometimes my admiration for people,
is bigger than they understand,
to tell them is a risky dance,
a game of fate,
a game of circumstance,
yet while I thought about this,
thinking about you,
I realized a love for a sister is safe,
not fearful or dangerous,
it is honest and deeply sweet.
So I will say it here,
in case I never get the chance:

Dearest sister,
I love the way you smile at children,
the kind things you say to strangers,
the way you hold on when you hug.
The sweet and soft way you sigh out phrases,
the cadence of your words,
the way it’s beautiful,
when you sing,
and the way your voice
cracks when you’re emotional.
I love the way you care about your
how you care for family with
compassion and love,
I love to see you smile
and the way you don’t realize that you’re amazing
and beautiful,
like a child raised in paradise,
is not aware that
sandy toes,
or driftwood lullabies sung by beaches,
and waves,
are magical.
I often think about
your kind heart and eyes,
how they comfort others just because you are you.
I love all of those things about you,
and even if I am awkward and
could never tell you in person,
I want you to know I think that you’re
I love you as my sweet sister,
one I cherish, and hope will always know,
you have my deepest respect and care,
and I encourage you let your love for
God and others grow.
With whatever means I can,
with words from a simple man,
I will be here to cheer you on,
the best I can.
A brother and a friend,
without any other motive,
but to see you blessed,
from start of life,
until the end-

remember while through the daily
parade of life you plod-
Don’t forget dear sister,
that YOU are a treasure,
a masterpiece and gift from God.

DM 2015
#love #sister #respect



Before I knew Him.

It was always easy,
for me to justify my sin.
Always easy for me,
to be focused on me,
not Him,
and yet now I weep,
for the beard torn out,
the crown of thorns,
the joy traded for sorrows,
the God of heaven,
taking my place,
in my minds eye,
I see His blackened eyes,
a broken hearted
Savior’s face-
taking my wretched place,
so that I could share His in Heaven,
while He left such glory,
to become marred,
hated and despised,
beaten and bloody,
spit upon and scarred,
gave up equality with God,
who looked away from His Son,
while all the sin of the world,
was poured upon the
spotless lamb,
this perfect and holy one,
Jesus it was then,
you defined who I am.

So that God could look on me with love,
and God would say it is finished,
declaring that Jesus is/was/will always be,

-DM 2015

Jesus I do not deserve this mercy, forgive me my God and King, give me courage and strength to be who you made me to be.
Give me dedication like Christ, even until my last heart beat, to remain victorious and set apart for you. Be victorious in us. Amen.
Jesus said in Rev. 3:21 “To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne.” #hope #faith #jesus


May 6, 2015
I find myself,
daydreaming about what time with you
beside me,
might be.

It always surprises me,
how I miss you-
and love your voice,
your gentleness is my flavor of choice,
almost a hint of Irish mix in your accent,
like spice in sweet tea,
and how I imagine you smile,
when I make you laugh,
when talking,
and you feel at ease.

And I wonder if this could become more?
And I wonder if I am ready for it.

Is anyone really ever ready for elation?
The sacrifice,
the morrow of growth,
the duration of infatuation?
Sometimes the heartbreak,
the desolation?
Or perhaps anticipation of things to be,
the river that leads to the sea?

So affection begins like a star flickering,
in the distance,
grows brighter.

The warmth of the sun.

Affection – Be sweet, be true.
I believe I am ready?
Are you?


Dark wind,
dark wind,
knocks at the door,
sorrow whispers,
“come in…
come in.”

They say Icarus died because he flew too close to the sky,
Daedalus’s son,
So I ask him why?

He whispers,
as if a lullaby,
“a broken heart,
a broken heart.”

So lost in beauty,
that could not be undone,
once you fly so high,
you see the beauty of it all,
and then you taste the fall.
It was a broken heart that took
his wings,
dark waters,
stinging tears,
wax, feather, and strings.

to being alone again,
and hum the song,
of Daedalus’s son,
“A broken heart,
a broken heart.”

The melting of the
wax, has begun.

DM 2015
#love #loss #sober #flying



Hand and words,
grand piano keys,
and acres of islands,
between here and now,
summer days, and winter haze,
mixing like water and oil,
perfect until it all starts to boil,
and the rainbows in the puddles,
sparkle and then dry,
and the cold grasp of winter,
must die,
the colors of sunset,
in your eye,
remind me
home is where,
our hands entwine. Yours and mine.
© DM 2015


Babydoll you make
stars fall,
valves and engines stall,
your eyes are living oceans of stars,
your smile is the metronome of my
and try as I may,
try as I might,

I don’t think I’ll ever
get the words right,
to tell you what I feel tonight,
but I hope you feel it
when I kiss you,
I hope know it in my affection,
the way I’ll always protect and miss you,
even when the clocks
hands have stopped moving,
with my poetry and dying words,
there will be a part of me left,
still proving,
to the world,
that you, and only you,
could ever
be my mine.
© dm 2015 #love


I know you’re struggling.
And that it hurts so much,
you clutch your heart,
the en-ending, unrelenting,
mire of ache,
and each tiny feather,
pulled free reminds you,
of what it means to break.

But after the storm has finished her sad raging,
the glass is empty and contemplating,
and the Pleiades dance is waiting,

Just then, you will see a spark,
tiny, shining, spark,
giving birth to light,
a seed of promise,
buried deep,
cradled by the night,
and this will be the
healing hope,
that lets you down,
from the hang man’s
that kisses your
tear stained cheeks,
and holds you up for weeks,
reminding you that a
seed must die before it blooms,
and honey it’s your turn to bloom.

(c) Dm 2015
I feel so discouraged by the heart break I have faced in life. But there are moments when after all of the chaos has passed, and there is a glimmer of hope. Those things are what keeps me going sometimes. The reminder that you aren’t a fluke, or a failure, you are able to be something beautiful and of worth. Don’t give up. #love #hope #courage #healing #reminder


May 4, 2015

As I love you,
you are sunsets over dusty
desert canyons,
As I love you,
you are bird song
sung over harps.

As I love you,
I am fearful,
we will not laugh
as we once did.
I am afraid I ask too
from your broken
I am mindful of your forgotten,
starlings burried long ago,
sleeping in soil,
and earth,
and root and

But darling,
they do not sleep alone.

Dm (c) 2015


May 4, 2015
how smiles,
convert to heartbreak,
and somber moments,
feign joy-

When heart?
Will you stop
reminding me,
of hopes
moments to flight,
for the impact
of ground,
As I spiral down,
wax wings melting now.

When heart?
Will you stop
betraying me,
with a memory,
of a warm hand,
with a memory,
of a stolen kiss,
or a secret smile?

When will you
heal or at
least grow
cold and let me
sleep in dream,
stop beating,
so that I might not

and yet,
hope and dreams are dangerous things,
they can be your noose- or they can be your wings.



I found that the distance I intend,
and the distance I keep,
are far from the same.

I find the train you follow
and the train you take,
are far from the same
mistake to make.

Quick and quiet goes the
swift sound of swirling gears,
making moments of thought,
distant and near.

It is found that passion and
agony are as close as life and death-

All in the same breath.

(c) Dm 2015

I know I should be sleeping,
but the clock reminds me,
that I still sleep alone.

I should be sleeping,
but the emptiness of this place,
has never let it be a home.

Today I watched a wounded
deer, struggle off the road,
his legs partially broken,
and his head deeply bowed.
And I said a prayer for that
place in which he lives,
because I live there far too often-
granted I’ve no broken bones,
to speak of,
but some hearts live in coffins.

I know I should be sleeping,
but the clock reminds me,
that I still sleep alone.

Somewhere deep inside
the depths of me,
there must be music,
even though the strings are broken.

All of these dreams,
and all of these ghosts,
I chased are gone.
And all of these hopes,
I held so high,
have simply moved on,
and so have I.
-dm (c) 2015



May 1, 2015

captured by angels

shadowless eyes,
helped me through sorrow,
stolen light from,
diamonds and seas.


bird-less flight,
embittered but quiet,
helped my heart,
captured unrequited,


Dedicated to
on pages of fire,
around your head,
like a crown of
my smoldering heart.

dm (c) 2015
#love #dreaming #unrequited #passionate



May 1, 2015

Soft wishes on
october days,
makes me wish you
weren’t so far away.

Even if its just a thought,
you know you really are
the best friend I’ve got.

The time has passed,
and makes us old,
leaves only moments,
of silver and gold.

I know that life is
weird and sad,
but you’re awesome,
and I’m rad.

We should meet,
and hug. Often.

Dm (c) 2015


May 1, 2015
A moment passes and something beautiful dies,
there were watercolor constellations,
dappled, darkling gems of light,
behind us, glinting in jasper, and violet skies,
but now only darkness,
the constellations in silent splendor,
bleeding fire from my eyes,
the constellations of
diamonds have fallen,
and once where my heart found laughter,
only tears remain,
and once in silence I trusted-
such deep hopes!
Higher than all before them,
a daredevil on the wire!
Now a ball of fire,
forward motion, now sinking in those hopes,
slowly tangled by the noose of their ropes,
you would think after a year or so,
one could let go, let go!
And how?
I don’t know-
how to express that
yesterday is a slave to tomorrow,
for we have taken what was not ours to borrow,
the wicked borrow and do not repay,
that has become our culture, this our way,
“even in laughter the heart may sorrow”
so how does this story end?
It ends with a whimper,
and mangled hopes,
a harpist’s hand severed in the machine,
a dreamer crushed within a dream.
The sad singer with his tongue severed,
can never speak out,
can only scream,
a dreamer crushed within a dream.
-dm (c) 2015
This poem is one of heart break and the loss of love.
#dream #broken #dreams #sorrow


May 1, 2015
She is a sunflower,
hair soft like cornsilk,
the lines
in her smile,
sit with me,
can I rewind?
Pause time?
As she sings,
finds me,
that she wasn’t
so high up on
a string,
out of reach,
like summer memories,
Good morning you
work of art,
good morning heart,
sad to know she’s
out of reach.
dm 2015



Sometimes I paint my heart
with stars and colors,
paint over the blackness
that hurt exposes,
inky and desperate
for your cotton candy heart,
I paint the colors of dreams,
denim and greens,
the embrace of summer air,
as the sunset fades,
the crickets singing
tiny hallelujahs,
a gentle wind kissing your hair,
I paint the river of lights,
handlebars at midnight,
and hold onto the ghost of
these nights.
Something living,
something true.
Comforting kisses catch me
quietly, as you whisper,
“Everything for you.
Sometimes I don’t say it
but it’s always for you.”
@ Copyright DM 2015 #lovepoem


Those stars who have fallen,
burrowing lightening through their veins,
intrepid, and tepid
swept up in the carnival,
and they sing dark verses,
of a darker lord.
They sing it,
they declare it,
it is their prison,
it is their hive mind,
washed up and taught to shine,
even though they have been broken,
even though they have been programmed,
by butterflies they were told were divine.

Prisoners, captured there,
to be paraded like transformers,
before the world,
to be marauded like school children
forced to wear the dunce cap,
that closes one eye,
breaks them inside.

Curse you dark powers,
the Lord of Lords rebuke you dark towers,
make you fall into your abyss,
and let the puppets go free,
and the people be.

Free of this.

Let the people be. Free.

dm 2014


They say time heals all wounds but that’s a lie.

Sometimes death brings beauty,
each perfectly wrapped, shiny surface,
each fuse and parcel ready,
for something bigger,
than itself,
story of our lives,

On the balcony,
still feel the shiver,
huddled in blankets,
watching in the distance,
the sky abloom with
exploding rainbows of light,
happiest week of my life,
prisms in the darkness,
and together
we were colors,
we watched them,
in one another’s eyes,
and contrast two years ago,
we watched them separate,
but not alone,
but comforted through the phone,
and this year,
the fireworks bring fear,
of the reminder that you are no longer mine.
And even though the fireworks
ended long ago,
I still feel the echo.
DM- 2014


These days,
we are but shadows,
since the first time I felt like I was flying,
was when I was 7 years old,
my bike the wings,
and the wind lifted me
from the ground,
round speeding wings,
above the tops of passing trees,
and then again,
marvelous things,
in your eyes,
when I heard you laugh for the first time,
and felt your hand brush my neck,
as we lay on the shore,
gold, everything was gold,
and now it is only

strands of a broken heart,
strings detached,
wrapped in silver
and gauze,
to stifle the
hidden in a smile,
no one

I want to be high above the trees.

-DM 2014


If there is one thing I know,
it’s brokenness
And if there is one thing
I’ve tasted it’s sorrow,
I know it,
like bees know

there is a sweetness
to knowing and
there is a sweetness,
to live on borrowed
and I am thankful,
for mine.

dm 2014


It’s late,

and I miss you.

So deeply it breaks me.

Our love is like broken glass,

even thought it’s broken,

I still find shards of it everywhere,

and sometimes they prick me,

till I bleed the emotions of

your beauty.

I hate you for that,

but love you even more.

I love you,


even though you will never read

this. Good night.

Your love,

came to me in the driest of time,

a sweet desert rain,

upon the sand and ashes,

I was found in.

All of the black clouds,

that stormed on my broken heart,

brought your rain,

the love I am thankful for,

had I been in safe shelter,

I never would have found you,

knowing that you needed me too.

Your love,

came to me in harshest of times,

a clearing away of the ashes,

a balm upon the cuts and lashes,

and pain I was bound in.

DM 2014


There is a terror in ambiguity,

the line between tenderness, safety, compassion,

and the acidic decay of loneliness.

People long for and yet fear to be close,

but prefer to be closed.

Locked and closed doors,

never get


like books,

with secrets so deep,

but they also never

get opened.

DM 2014


These old pages are years passed.