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Thank you for supporting me!

For those of you who might not have heard God has called me to travel to Kona, Hawaii to the Kona, WYAM (Youth With A Mission) Program called Crossroads to grow in my faith and learn to serve Jesus while training to go on a mission.

 The itinerary is as follows:

  • 12 weeks training. 
  • 8 weeks outreach on mission.

Will you support me in obedience to Jesus?
I ask you to pray for me, and if you can show your love by supporting me monthly in prayer or financially that would be amazing. I value being prayed for so highly!

I also value financial support even $20 a month or maybe a one time gift to help me reach my goal of being obedient to Jesus is such a blessing.

I also tithe into other missionaries because I believe what God is doing and I know that God sees our good deeds and He does not overlook those who help His children.

Costs associated with this trip:

  • $4095 for lecture and training 
  • I believe the second portion and outreach will be around $5000.

If you would like support and give directly to my tuition at YWAM you can
 donate here: https://apply.ywamkona.org/s/payment?cId=003f400001Dsubc

If you would like to give via credit card or paypal you can give here:

Or if you wish to send your support via check you can mail to:

David Montgomery
PO BOX 641
LIBBY, MT 59923-0641
United States

God bless you! Thank you all for helping me to follow after Jesus! I will keep posting as I get more information.2