Run Android on your PC – FREE using BlueStacks

Want to play those great games everyone plays on Mobile pads, like I-pads, and Androids but can’t afford to shell out the cash for an IPAD or an ANDROID tablet?

I DID TOO, and spent a week or two looking at different ways to create a virtual machine that could run those free apps and games…
After a week or two of searching I found an easy to get an Android pad on your pc FOR FREE. :) And I just took a break from playing Fruit Ninja, to write this blog so YOU can too!

I found a free app, called BlueStacks. It’s amazing and easy.
It creates a virtual Android pad for you to interact with on your desktop.
Simply download the installer, run it and start having fun!

Stay tuned for more free amazing stuff. :) Happy Computing. :) Remember its in Beta, and may have a few bugs, but so far its been flawless.

Click here to download
BLUESTACKS for your pc.

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Run Android on your PC - FREE using BlueStacks, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating