Dream: The one about new Wine.

A few weeks ago one night, I dreamed I was living in a city like Hamilton, Ontario. In the dream my ex wife and I were back together again.

We moved into the place and it was cluttered and boxes were everywhere. 

The place was similar to the place she and I shared before but was full of boxes and was a bit different. When I went to sleep and woke she had stayed up cleaning and making it all perfect.  I dreamed that she had a great Church mentor she was working with. I was so happy she was actively growing in her faith in leaps and bounds. 

When I woke she was gone and had gone to a women’s conference. The house was so welcoming and perfect – it was beautiful and spotlessly clean. 

I walked to the big sliding glass window of the apartment and looked out over the people and kids playing down below a few stories they were swimming at the pool and laughing and having fun in the pool. It made me smile. It was summer and a beautiful place. 

I got a video call from her and she was with her mentor and they said God had blessed the event they planned and I was so happy for them and we talked a little bit but the signal got bad and so it dropped.

I went to fridge to get something for breakfast and found it full of nothing but new wine that had some brand label like Lorey’s wine. 

I didn’t know that brand but I found I had to be super careful with all the new wine in the fridge because it was overflowing and barely fit. 

I closed the fridge door and was tempted to fall back into habits God had delivered me from. I felt tempted to surf the web for porn but I rejected it in Jesus name and began to pray for my wife instead and thank God for spiritual strength. In the dream I asked that God would renew us. “Oh that you would renew us!? Would you or could you? Please be with her.”

And then I woke. The image of new wine fresh in my minds eye.

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