Dream: The one in which I was robbed

I was riding on a bus, with my guitar and a suitcase. It was the middle of the night and it was dark and isolated.

I got off the bus at large bus terminal and as I was walking away a dark man in a tan t-shirt and jeans followed me a little ways and smiled a crooked grin, 

“I am gonna scalp you of your wallet and your things when you go to sleep!” And he laughed it was a deep and menacing laugh. It unnerved me. I ignored the guy and went to the bus station. I found a small place and I put my wallet underneath my back.

I thought perhaps I should go home, I could sleep in my own bed but then thought I will be fine here. Besides I was SO tired. So I fell asleep at the bus terminal and when I woke there were people everywhere. All of my possessions had been ransacked. Other people around me were digging through their possessions as well. 

Sadly I found the remains of my wallet, my bags, and fortunately I found my guitar. I gathered it all up in a pile and was overwhelmed that the thief had gotten me. I remember being thankful that the guy hadn’t taken all of my things and upset I had not been more careful. I began to gather my things was on the next bus and talking with the bus driver then woke. 


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