Dream: The one in which I go to China.

Secret Faith

Last night I dreamed I was traveling with a few friends to China. In the dream everything was normal except there was a man checking possessions and asking foreigners to fill out paperwork and asking them key questions. 

“Do you have a Bible?”

“Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

“Are you a part of any cults or strange groups?”

And a missionary in the dream who was traveling with me does missions work in Thailand and she and I were with a few other people visiting. 

We watched a man be interrogated who was not a traveler but a local.

And he was detained, and sent away to prison because He was found to be a part of a “cult” that met in a home church and brought Bible messages that were not approved. 

After watching this my friend I were inspired by him and went about our shopping marveling at the cost the man paid to declare his faith.

As we were returning to leave, the guard saw us and demanded to know what was in our bags and sat us down to ask us questions. 

I remembered thinking along the lines, “Lord if I means going to some prison in a foreign country  help me be honest and tell him I am a believer.  Let your favor be upon us.”

He looked at my bag saw my worn Bible and then let me go. They made us fill out simple paperwork and then told me to go through the exit. Without a word. 

I met with my friend and she told me she had said to the other guard that she was a believer visiting the country and that we were leaving that day. 

Because of the fact we were able to come and go in freedom we rejoiced and prayed for the people who had no choice of faith as we did. 

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